11 ways to earn online with web development in 2022 – TechyIndia

 11 ways to earn online with web development in 2021 - Pandey ji Technical



11 ways to earn online with web development in 2021 –


What is website development? | 11 great ways to earn online with web development in 2022

11 ways to earn online with web development in 2022 - TechyIndia
11 ways to earn online with web development in 2022 – TechyIndia
11 ways to earn online with web development in 2021


11 ways to earn online with web development in 2022 – TechyIndia
As we all know that we all are evolving very fastly with the help of many digital sourcesWebsite Development is one of the most efficient tools from digital sources. We have to acquire this trending skill to meet the market demand and make money online with website development.
So, Hello guys, welcome to Pandey Ji Technical. This article will try to understand 11 ways to earn money online with web development in 2021.
Everything is changing, and in the present era, everyone can build their website without any investment doesn’t matter for what purpose you are building your website. You can create your website for your business, portfolio, E-commerce, etc. 
You have to acquire this skill which will also help you in getting better website development jobs, or you can earn money online with the help of web development.
If you are a beginner in website development, then, in the beginning, you have to face some problems while designing your first website, but with practice, you can learn web development quickly. So firstly, let’s try to understand website development in depth.


What is the web development?

What is web development
What is web development


Combining many programming languages (HTML, CSS, javascript) helps us create a website is termed web development. First, they have to learn about the web page, web server, and many more basic terms before moving towards Website Development.
While designing the website, we use many programming languages, and the working of all coding languages is different from each other. Each programming language gives an additional signal to the web server, which results in different action client sides.
Let’s understand the use of programming languages and how to use them for a better user experience.


Authoring is the by which you can deliver your content to the webserver. Html is mainly used in the authoring process because HTML is a markup language, and it is quickly caught by a web server. 
Html is one of the best programming languages for structuring our website. All website is firstly created with HTML ( Hyper Text Markup Language ), and then we use other coding languages for styling and functioning. The whole programming language is written inside HTML language, so the ground coding language for a website is HTML.
Suppose we have written some information about any topic, then with the help of authoring, it provides a signal to the server, and with the excellent SEO of the article, there is a high chance that our post will come in the result.


When our website is created, then the first thing we need is the appearance of our website or how our website will look on the browser. In this designing website, we need a CSS programming language.
CSS ( Cascading Style Sheet ) is the best and efficient for providing a better style and appearance to our website. CSS is mainly used to make our website attractive for users.
CSS is used to change font size, color, face, and many more. With the help of CSS, we can change our background with solid color or image. If we want to change a particular box or table color all over the website, we can efficiently perform it with CSS help.


Now our website is entirely created and customized, we need our website to function correctly. Functioning of the website involves proper working buttons and proper actioning of command.
For the proper functioning of the website, we use java scripting. The primary use of java scripting is to provide the signal to the command, which is actioned by the user.
We use to put some program, code, or script on our website in two ways:
  1. Frontend 
  2. Backend
Now, what is the front end, and what is the back end. So let’s understand the meaning.

Backend vs. Frontend development

Backend development is a development in which command, code, or program is written, which will only show to the server, not to the client. If we have written a code for the “submit” button, we will not show that code or submitted to the client. We will show only the output of that programming. Many programming languages are used in backend development, such as Java, PHP, Ruby, and many more.
Frontend development is one of the most important developments in which we give instruction to the server through coding, scripting, or programming, and the server will result in its output to the client. The frontend is for the client-server, and the language involved in frontend development is HTML, CSS, Javascript, and many more.

11 ways to earn online with web development in 2021

There are many ways by which we can earn money through website development, but here I am sharing some tested and trusted ways by which we can achieve a good amount of money.


Freelancing is one of the best ways by which we can earn money by picking projects of clint through many freelancing websites.
Everyone is shifting towards freelancing; actually, everyone is developing their skills and wants to become a successful freelancer.
So by creating or developing for others, you can earn a good amount of money, and ultimately, it will increase your skill in web development. When you create a website for others, you will learn and apply many things, so also, for a practice basis, freelancing is a good option.


Blogging is a high-paid work in which there is no upper limit of earning. In blogging, you can make a massive amount of money but with proper skill and knowledge.
Blogging requires many skills, not only web development. You have to learn how to write an article, and you have to learn on-page SEOoff-page SEO, backlinks making, and many more.
So with the proper knowledge, guidance, and practice, you can become a great blogger, and you can earn a good amount from your own website. Mainly we use Adsense for placing ads to earn with our blog website.

E-Commerce website

An E-Commerce website is a type of website where we sell products and services to customers and set a fixed commission on each product.
An E-Commerce website is the best way to earn huge money, but it requires many skills such as web development, website management, SEO, digital marketing, and many more. So to manage our E-Commerce website, we might require teams or a group of developers.
If we want to make our website successful, then we have to read other people’s requirements. We can’t sell anything on our website. It should match market trends and demand.

Business website

Now, there is a vast difference between business websites as well as e-commerce websites. In e-commerce, we can sell our products and others products by setting a commission rate, but in a business website, we use to provide service to our clients and generate more and more leads for our company.
Business websites require only website development and website designing skill.

Courses website

Again course website is a great idea to generate massive success in money. There are many ways in a course selling website by which we can earn more and more money like we can create our course and upload it to course selling website or create our own course selling website and then we can sell our courses. Both options are preferable, but if you are a beginner, I recommend you go on a well-established course selling website.

Stock image/video website

As we all know, stock image and stock video are in very much trend, so this is a high potential part of earning from the website.
We require a lot of patience and proper teamwork, then your website will become a successful stock image or video website.
You have to learn many skills before entering the stock field. You have learned SEO, marketing, website development, and designing, and many more. 

Affiliate website

An affiliate website is a type of website in which we use to sell the product but in a different manner. We use to share products link, and if anyone buys that product from given link, then we will get our allotted commission.
Affiliate websites are pretty trending. There are many ways by which you can promote your website, like you can promote your website through ads, posts, etc.
If you have learned the right way of developing an affiliate website, then there is no upper limit for earning.

Portfolio website

In the portfolio website, we create a website where we tell people about our specifications and demand to hire us for their work.
We can charge them based on work per hour or per day. It’s totally up to us how we are charging money.
Creating a portfolio is quite a good idea. It will help us to earn money, and it will increase our face value as well.

Tool Website 

We can create a tool website for passive income. Tool website involves many types of tools creation such as keyword finder, SEO checker, backlink creator, website pages maker, and many more.
We can use many advertisement providers for earning such as Adsense, media net or any other. We can simply put their ads on our website for earning.
We can also launch a membership program in which we will give a trial version of our website, and then we ask for users to purchase a membership of our website to enjoy our service.

Ads uint provider

If we want to earn online, there is a considerable role played by advertisement. If we convert our website to an ads provider, then it will generate good revenue.
There are many skills and knowledge requires in this field. We may have to build a proper team for the appropriate functioning of the website and ads.
We have to make our ads error-free, more attractive, responsive, fast loading, and many more.

Website template provider

You can become a template provider website. In the present era, everyone wants to create their website more attractive and responsive.
Everyone is searching in high amount for better template doesn’t matter it is free or paid. If we create a genuine website for only website templates, we will definitely earn a good amount of money.
We can enable two sections on our website one is free, and another one is paid. Anyone who likes the free version of the template with the help of the installation process can easily install that template to their website. They can easily install and set up that template on their website with a single click. If the user gets better response on the free version, he will definitely check the paid version.


So, guys, I hope you have learned many ways to earn money for website development. I hope you have understood 11 ways to earn online with web development in 2021. These all methods are trusted and genuine. You can try any of them and start your passive income from the very first day.
Guys, think about what knowledge you have acquired from website development, then pick any one method. I personally recommend you to go with blogging, freelancing, course website. Just pick any one of them and start it by today.

11 ways to earn online with web development in 2022

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