How I got YouTube RPM 5$

How I got YouTube RPM 5$ | Increase YouTube RPM 2022 | How to Increase YouTube Earning 2022 in हिंदी |

Youtube pr earning increase krne ke liye aapke content ke quality ke sath sath aapko apne viewer ko apne video pr lmbe time tk rokk kr rkhna hey jiss sai aapke aapke video ka watch time increase ho. 

Is video mai maine aapko life proof ke sath dikhaya hey ki aap apne YouTube ke RPM ko kaisey increase kr skte ho maine apna Rpm kaisey 5$ tk kiay hey jbki mere channel pr pehle rpm 1$ bhi nhi tha.

Is it possible to Increase YouTube RPM ?

Yes its possible to increase YouTube RPM.  If You wanty to get a high Rpm On Your Youtube do these type of  work it can help you to getting a high Rpm High earning on your youtube channel.

  1. Quality Content
  2. Audience Retention 
  3. create high keyword video
  4. put Many Ads on your video
  5.  Create long videos 
  6. minimum video length Mint.

Use These simple ideas to get high Rpm on YouTube and Earn more money.

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