Top 10 responsive blogger template for Adsense Approval 2023

Top 10 responsive blogger template for Adsense Approval 2023
Top 10 responsive blogger template for Adsense Approval 2023

Top 10 responsive blogger template for AdSense – TechyIndia

Top 10 responsive blogger template for Adsense Approval 2022

The template is one of the most essential parts of the website. If our website has the best template, the template has no issues like ( breadcrumb, canonical, navigation, and many more ) and our template should fast loading. The main thing is that it should look presentable and straightforward for the user.

So, hello guys, welcome to Pandey Ji technical. This article will try to understand how to choose a perfect template and top 10 responsive blogger template for Adsense.

There are many factor matters while choosing the blogger template. We have to look at all pros and cons of the template before installing it on the website. So let’s try to understand how to find a responsive blogger template and paid template vs. a free blogger template and many more.

How to find a responsive blogger template?

There are many factors involves in finding a proper responsive blogger template. However, if we want a premium look on our website, we have chosen our blogger template wisely.

Loading speed

The loading speed is one of the most crucial parts of finding a proper responsive blogger template. If our website will take time the opening, then there is a massive possibility that our audience will not visit our website. Therefore, slow website speed ultimately affects our audience retention.

There are many ways by which we can increase our website speed; some of these steps are:

  1. Convert your jpeg image into webp. Because webp images are smaller in size compared to jpg and the quality of both images is the same, there is no loss in any quality while converting. In addition, it will help our website to increase its loading speed.
  2. Use amp template. Amp templates have a great loading speed, and these templates are user friendly because it reduces the waiting time for loading of web page or website.
  3. Use a simple template. Because many templates contain many types of functions or animations while opening, which increases the loading time of a website. Try to use a simple and good-looking template.
  4. Remove all unwanted features of a website to not focus on opening that unwanted part. Instead, it will directly open our customized website with great speed.

Mobile and Desktop friendly

Before customizing your blogger template, firstly check whether the template is mobile-friendly and desktop-friendly or not. There are many ways by which you can check your template speed, but I will recommend you Page speed insight by google. It will help you a lot in getting the accurate loading speed of a website. 

You have to view your website on both mobiles and desktop to ensure that your website is loading correctly on mobile and desktop. So that users will not face any problem in the opening of the website. 

Some blogger templates are good-looking, but they do not perform well on mobile because they sometimes open half or more comprehensively than the screen ratio. So the main point is that our blogger template should be responsive to both mobiles and laptops or desktops.

Ads ready template

Ads ready blogger templates mean the template which has well define advertisement slot. When our website is approved by Adsense, ads play a significant role in generating good revenue, so the number of ads we place on our website shows a high chance of getting more clicks on our website ads.

Some templates have multiple slots for advertisement, like slots in the upper, bottom, middle, and sidebars. Therefore, the chances of getting Adsense approval on ads-ready templates are high as compare to other templates.

No navigation problem

Navigationerror is one of the significant errors due to which many websites reject by AdSense. Navigation means the top section of your website, including your home menu, mega menu, and social links. Sometimes, an error in the website navigation section doesn’t work correctly, which creates an issue for users and reduces our chance of getting Adsense approval.


There are many templates which contain many error and bugs. Some of the templates are too old, and some are not updated for a long time. The error is of many types; it can be a canonical error or breadcrumbs error, and many more. So the main point is to remember that our template is new and updated by the template developer and should be error-free.

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Top 10 responsive blogger template for fast Adsense Approval

LOCO – click here

Loco is a professional-looking blogger template similar to WordPress templates. On the other hand, Loco is a very simple-looking blogger template.

Loco contains a proper sidebar menu, and it also includes links on top for pages and home. Loco design is very attractive, and the loading speed of this template is very high.

There is the footer credit in the bottom section of the loco, and on the right side, you can provide links to your website pages or home. 

There are many slots given in this template for advertisement placement which makes this template very impressive. If you are using this template, then you will never face any problem related to a navigation error by Adsense.

Loco is an error-free template because it doesn’t contain any canonical error or any breadcrumb error. It is a mobile as well as a desktop-friendly template.

Event Mag – Click here.

Event mag is one of the best blogger templates, and it contains many features like dark mode, a trending slider on the top, and a hot post section, making this template more professional and unique.

In the footer section of this template, there are three columns in which you can add a recent post, popular post, profile, etc.

Event mag has a proper section for social links, and in the bottom area, we can also put our website page links.

Even mag is a fast-loading template and responsive to both mobile as well as desktop.

Rapid – click here

Rapid is a fast-loading blogger template. In the top section, there are links for our website pages and social links.

Just below the top section, we get a section to place ads, and just below the ads section, we get a ticker which makes this template more professional.

Rapid blogger template contains hot post section and unique animation which pointer goes to any post image.

There is a dedicated slot for ads in the bottom section, and we got three columns in which we can add our recent posts, popular posts, and many more.

Style Blog – click here.

Style Blog is a beautiful blogger template; it contains many features like three columns, a search bar, a hot post, running headings on the top, and many more.

A style blog is more beneficial for those who wanted to make a news website. Because it contains many features which will be more useful for a news website.

A style blog is a fast-loading blogger template, ads ready and responsive for mobile as well as desktop.

Lite Spot – click here.

Lite spot is a professional-looking blogger template, and it contains many slots for ads, making this template Adsense friendly.

Lite Spot blogger template comes with dark mode feature, trending headings, hot post mand many more.

Lite Spot is more suitable for review websites or news websites. Because it is designed in such a way that it will be more beneficial to news or magazine websites

Fancy – click here

Fancy is a professional blogger template, and it can be used on any website. It is a fast-loading template with a proper section for ads and hot posts.

Fancy blogger templates have proper navigation, and customization of this template is very easy. Moreover, the fancy template is also an SEO-ready blogger template because it contains a proper canonical tag which is very effective in website SEO.

Foodify Blogger – click here.

Foodify is one of the best templates for recipe websites or food review websites. If you are thinking of creating a food or recipe website, you will definitely love this template.

Foodify contains features like dark mode, search bar, hot post, and proper social links area.

If you use this template, then you will never face any problems related to Adsense and SEO. It is a fast loading template have multi ads slot.

Razer – click here

Razer is a proper SEO-ready blogger template that comes with dark mode and a search bar. In addition, this theme is easy to customize and has a proper section for advertisement.

The loading speed of this template is quite good and has a hot post section on the top. 

Eventify – click here.

Eventify is a WordPress-looking blogger template. This template comes with a dark mode feature as well as a tickler on the top, which makes this template very attractive.

Eventify comes with three bottom columns and with fast loading like AMP templates.

Metronic – click here.

Metronic is a simple and elegant-looking blogger template. The loading speed of this template is relatively fast and responsive to mobile as well as desktop.

Metronic Blogger template comes with a hot post feature, tickler as well as the search bar. The proper slot is provided for advertisement, and navigation of this website is good. If you use this template, you will not face any problems related to Adsense approval.

Metronic templates have three columns at the bottom, and there is the appropriate section for social links.



So, guys, I hope you have found your top 10 responsive blogger template for AdSense, and you have checked your checklist while choosing your blogger template, which means your template should error-free, responsive, Adsense friendly, SEO ready, and many more.

Your template plays an important role in getting views or ranking higher in Google, or getting AdSense approval. So, in the end, it will suggest you choose your template wisely and match all criteria which you want to be in your template. 

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