The Legendry movie star and Multiple Academy Award winner start as  Geppto 

His Brother Often Reprises his Role 

Tom Hanker is One of the most In-demand actor in Hollywood, So it is fair to say   that he's extremely busy Man 


He Played His Distant Relative

Tom Hanker has frequently Played real, historical Figures  throughout his career, most recently Colonel Tom Parker in Elvis 


He's Related to Abraham Lincoln

Hank is  related to a Number  of famous Face in history   and not just the once he has portrayed in a movie


He Helped Fund Some Scenes in Forrest Gump

At the time of its release, Forrest Gump(1994) was the biggest hit of Tom Hanks's Career


He's aA Big Supporter Of Greece In Cinema

Through his marriage to Greek-American actress Rita Wilson and charity work for  the nation, Tom Hanks is an  honorary citizen of Greece.


He Worked With Legendary  Movie Star As a Young  Bellboy In a Hotel

Young Tom Hanks worked at a hotel as a bellman in Lose Angeles to make ends meet while he learned acting in  the theater.


He Collects Vintage Typerwiter

 Tom Hanks has a fascinatio with vintage typewriters. He revealed to fellow collectors  that he currently owns over 250 vintage typewriter.


He Developed An App

 Tom Hanks decided to introduce his love of  typewriters into the  modern age.


He Directed His Family In A Movie

 Tom Hanks's  family- notably wife Rita Wilson and Sons Colin and Chet Hanks are starts in their  own right


He Entertain Extras Between Filming Scene

 Tom Hanks is capable of impressive dramatic performance, he does not  go method for his acting. 


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