Digital Marketing S.E.O | Why is Digital Marketing important

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Digital Marketing S.E.O | Why is Digital Marketing important
Digital Marketing S.E.O | Why is Digital Marketing important
Digital Marketing



Digital Marketing S.E.O | Why is Digital Marketing important – Pandey ji Technical

What is Digital Marketing S.E.O ( Search Engine Optimization )

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silchar ktm girl viral video full video download l


In this present digital era, everything is shifting digitally. It doesn’t matter from small things to all big corporate everything is now moving towards Digital Marketing. With the help of Digital Marketing S.E.O, we can achieve our selected target.
With the help of proper keyword placement and some basic website S.E.O, we can rank easily higher on google. In this article, we will understand how to do Digital marketing Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O)
So, hello guys, welcome to Pandey Ji technical. Let’s understand Digital Marketing S.E.O | Why is Digital Marketing important from zero to advance.
Before moving to Digital Marketing S.E.O ( Search Engine Optimization ) let,s understand first Digital Marketing meaning or What is Digital Marketing? and Why is Digital Marketing Important.


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What is Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing
What is Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing means the marketing of a product digitally. To understand What is Digital Marketing, let’s begin with an example; suppose you have a product “x” and you want to sell it inregion “y .”Now, for selling them, there are two methods.
  1. Physical Marketing or Traditional Marketing
  2. Digital Marketing


Physical Marketing

Physical Marketing or Traditional Marketing is an old way to promote any product or service to the audience. This traditional marketing involves banners holding advertisements, pamphlets, magazines, newspapers, and many more.
Traditional Marketing requires more time and investment for better results, and sometimes it even fails to provide the output.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a new way to reach our targeted audience and sell our particular product or service. Digital Marketing includes many digital marketing strategies such as Email MarketingAffiliate marketing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Advertisement, Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O), and many more.
Digital marketing very much cheap as compared to traditional marketing, and it requires less time for results and growth in business.

Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing
Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing
To understand which is better, let’s move back to our example, which was selling of product “x” in region “y” So if you approach with Traditional Marketing Method, then what will happen?

Traditional Marketing:

We can’t target a particular region.

If we want to advertise our product in a particular area in the “y” region, we can’t do it with traditional marketing methods. We have to campaign our advertisement for the whole region.

We can’t target an audience.

In targeting an audience, traditional marketing is not much effective compared to digital marketing. Suppose you have a product for the18-30 years old age segment, but if you place your advertisement, it will not target only the 18-30 years old segment. It will target the complete area doesn’t matter which age group.
In the end, it will not be profitable for that service seller. Because the targeted audience will not reach him/her, which ultimately results in a loss in business.

It requires more time and money.

Traditional Method requires more time to get deals for that service. If you want to make a banner holdings advertisement for your product, it will need more time to prepare, and then it will be printed, which will again consume time and more money.
Now when holding is placed at its place, then the problem arises of locality and holding facing after managing these problems then your holding will get you some deals which is not worthwhile at all.
For small businesses traditional method is not applicable because it is more costly as compared to digital marketing.

Digital Marketing:

Fast and effective

Digital marketing is speedy and effective because we can select our targeted audience, region, age group, and more than; with the help of email marketing, S.E.O, advertisement, and many more, we can sell our product very much easily.

Less Chance of failure

With the help of Digital Marketing S.E.O, advertisement failure became negligible because it works on facts and data analysis.
Suppose you have to sell some product related to fitness. With the help of Digital Marketing ( S.E.O ), it will target the only audience interested in fitness or searching for fitness. Because it only works on data and facts.

It increases the sale of the targeted product.

Digital Marketing S.E.O, helps us bound our customers means it helps us so that it will show again and again advertisement of the same product or better version of that product to our customers. So that they will not leave us and become our permanent client.

Conclusion of Traditional vs. Digital Marketing

From my perspective, Digital Marketing is much more efficient and powerful than traditional marketing.
Digital Marketing is a compelling way to boost our small business with less investment and less failure chance.

How to do S.E.O ( search engine optimization ) in Digital Marketing?

How to do S.E.O ( search engine optimization ) in Digital Marketing?
How to do S.E.O in Digital Marketing
There are many types of S.E.O (search engine optimization) for digital marketing, and these are:

S.E.O for website

 If you have decided to do Digital Marketing S.E.O for your website, here I am taking an example of an E-commerce website. So for an E-commerce website, we have to follow some criteria for S.E.O, and these are:

Proper Title

Suppose if anyone searched any product, the first heading shown in the search result is known as the title. So we have to do search engine optimization ( S.E.O ) of our title first.
We have to do keyword researching, then after keyword researching, we have to select our targeted keyword and then place it in our post title. In my case, my blog title is “Digital Marketing S.E.O | Why is Digital Marketing important – Pandey Ji Technical.”
In the same way, after putting your target keyword and writing the complete title, you have to use “| or -” and then write your website name; it will help you create a proper brand value for your web page.

Fill Meta Description

When we search anything on google, we see some descriptions below our post title, termed meta description.
If you have written a helpful article with the proper heading, but you have not written your meta description, it is entirely useless. It will not rank on the #1 page of google. To rank higher on Google, you have to write a proper meta description for your post.
We have to place our target keyword at least one time in our post meta description. Don’t over repeat or overstuff your keyword. Try to write it so that it makes some sense.

On-Page S.E.O

On-Page S.E.O is a type of Search Engine Optimization ( S.E.O ) done while writing our post. We have to do proper keyword researching and finding our low competition keyword with high search volume.
If you have a product related to fitness, you have to find what is going in fitness, the current trend in the fitness category, and then find our targeted keyword and helping keyword. Then we have placed targeted keywords wisely in our post to rank higher in google.

User and Mobile friendly

You have to make your website user as well as mobile-friendly. This will help you a lot in ranking.
When you publish something related to fitness and then publish items related to food, you have to separate them with the help of a label or category.
It will make your website more user-friendly because a user can find anything quickly by simply clicking on the category.
While choosing the template to keep some point in mind, the template should be fast loading, User-friendly, Mobile Friendly, Responsive, and S.E.O Ready. These are some features of templates required for a better user experience.

Create Backlinks

To rank higher and to maintain that position, you have to create backlinks. There are two types of backlinks: Do follow, and the second one is No follow. Try to maintain 80% Do-follow backlinks and 20% No-follow backlinks. This link-building method is followed by many top-level corporates.
Backlinks will definitely help you a lot, and this is even one of the most crucial part of website S.E.O ( search engine optimization )


Permalinks involve you post URL with the help of permalink our post gets URL. We have to design our permalink so that it includes our focus keyword or targeted keyword on which we want to rank our post.

Advertisement S.E.O

Advertisement is one of the best ways to reach our customers, and if we try digital advertisement, it makes it easier for the seller to find his customers. There are many types of advertisement methods.

Advertisement by google

When we search for something that we want to buy, after some time we use to see some relevant ads on google related to our past search, These all can happen due to advertisement S.E.O.
Suppose you want to buy a car and you go on google and start searching about that car. After some time, when you are actually not searching for that car, you have started seeing relevant ads related to that car or that car price segment or another vehicle by the same company; this can be anything.
So we use the same technique as I have discussed earlier that with proper keyword research, we have to collect the targeted area data. We can use that data so that if anyone searches that car, So with the help of proper keyword research, we can easily show our ads to the customer.

Advertisement in Youtube

Youtube is the second largest search engine which means it holds great viewers, so with the help of Youtube, we can actually gain some great deals.
YouTube involves video marketing which is a part of digital marketing. Through our video, we can engage the audience with that product.
When we advertise our video on Youtube, it uses to ask to fill up some criteria before uploading: title, description, and tags. With the help of these features, we can easily reach our customers. By filling in the proper title and tags, we can also beat our competitors in that particular field.

Email Marketing

Email Marking is one of the most potent ways in Digital Marketing to generate leads for customers. If you have gathered some customers’ emails by comment, contact forms, or feedback form, you can use that email to get more deals.
We can use an autoresponder. Auto Responder means whenever any mail came to your server, it automatically responds based on what you have feed inside that responder. Auto Responder decreases the workload and helps you engage more customers for your products or services.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is growing faster day by day, it holds an outstanding amount of users, so if we start using social media for advertisement, it will help you generate a good amount of deals.
There are many social platforms, so we have to divide the media into two portions. Then, we will start our digital advertisement on the first portion platforms and then again on the second portion platforms, then we have to compare the results.
If the first portion is the winner, we will initiate with first portion platforms for advertisement in the future.

Why is Digital Marketing important?

Why is Digital Marketing important?
Why is Digital Marketing important
There are many reasons which can justify that how much digital marketing is important in the present era. Let’s discuss some of the reasons.

To make your brand knowable.

Digital Marketing is one of the best ways to create your brand value. Because once you reach to your customer through advertisement than with your better product or service your customer will become your permanent client.
When your permanent client meets with someone who needs that particular service, your permanent client will recommend only your name. This is called mouth marketing.

Its demand is increasing.

As we all know, that present era is transforming digitally, which increases the need for Digital Marketing, and this need is increasing day by day. If anyone acquires this skill then, it will become very easy for him/her to grow their business to the next level.

We can target customers globally.

With the help of Digital Marketing S.E.O, we can target our customers in a particular region or target them globally, which will help us create our brand value. With the help of S.E.O ( search engine optimization ), we can do drop shipping. We can target our international customers also.

We can gain more deals.

With the help of proper Digital marketing S.E.O, we can engage our customers through Advertisement, Social Media Marketing, Email marketing, Video Marketing, and many more. Which will help us to generate more and more leads.

Reasonable and less time taking.

Aa we all know that Digital Marketing is very cheap and less time-consuming than traditional marketing. With the help of Digital Marketing, even a small business can boost at a higher level and generate good deals and sell their products and services on a large scale.

To get a better job

Digital Marketing is a trending skill in the present era. If we can acquire this skill, it will help a lot in making our resume more effective, resulting in getting a better job.


By reading this article Digital Marketing S.E.O | Why is Digital Marketing important. I hope you understand digital marketing S.E.Ohow to do Digital Marketing S.E.O, and why is digital marketing important?
I have tried my best to explain everything from zero to advance level. I hope you have learned many things from this article.

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